Time – Talents – Treasures

Time – Talents – Treasures

can also be written as:

Lawn CareBake SaleLemonade Stand

This summer through the acts of a few amazing kids in the community, we have seen how time, talents and treasures can be used to help others.


Tucker Nail, age 12

Worked for his dad this summer in his lawn and landscaping business. Tucker would get paid for the time he worked then he would set aside 10% of that to donate. His parents had been teaching him the importance of giving to people who are less fortunate. After finding the City Rescue Mission online and looking over the website, Tucker decided this is where he wanted his money to go. Tucker not only donated money to help others but in a way was donating his TIME as well.




These three young ladies baked brownies and cookies this summer. They then proceeded to go door to door selling their baked goods. A happy dance would even break out when the girls made a sale! This summer they made and donated $192. These girls used the talents they have to make delicious treats as well as helping those around them.


Pierce Kuhn, age 7

Pierce has been curious about homelessness ever since he came across a man begging on the street near his house. Out of his desire to help those in need and with the guidance of his parents, Pierce started a lemonade stand to raise money for the City Rescue Mission. This began in 2014 and Pierce has been doing it every summer since.

The first year he raised $60. FB_IMG_1466216700750
The following year $324.


This year Pierce came to the mission with a check of $1,000! 




These kids used the resources they have to be a part of something that is bigger than themselves. We are honored to be able to share and be a part of their stories. What a great reminder to look beyond our own needs and use the gifts we have been given to make a difference in our own community.

How will you use your lawn care, bake sale, and lemonade stand to help others today?

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