The Road to Recovery Starts at City Rescue Mission

Before coming to City Rescue Mission, Wayne’s life was ruled by his addiction. He was in the habit of turning to alcohol whenever

challenges came up—and this habit ultimately landed him in a rut of loneliness, despair and self-destruction. Thankfully, that

is only the beginning of his story. Wayne will be the first to admit that his alcoholism came at a high cost—both for him and the

people around him. “I have had three failed marriages, countless good jobs lost, my relationships with my friends and family

members ruined, all due to my drinking,” he shares. “I would try anything to quit and it didn’t matter how much it cost.” With 30

years of addiction under his belt, he was in deep. After trying everything from recovery books to inpatient treatment, Wayne still felt

hopeless. He made several attempts to take his own life, but was unsuccessful. With no family, friends or support, Wayne was out

of options. He came to City Rescue Mission to give recovery one last try.

The heart of the matter

“I knew something had to change,” Wayne says. “So I came here, hopeless but with an open mind and, eventually, an open heart.”

Throughout his program, Wayne received many essential resources such as food, shelter, counseling and accountability. These

tools played a vital role in his recovery, but more than anything else, his transformation was rooted in an acknowledgement of Christ

as Lord of his life. Wayne admits that before coming to City Rescue Mission, he knew very little about religion and the Bible. “I knew

that Noah built the ark and Jesus walked on water and that was about it,” he shares. But as he started learning about the Bible and

seeking a relationship with God, he realized that his addiction was being fueled by a desire to

control the uncontrollable. “My trigger to drink was almost always when something didn’t go the way I had planned,” he shares.

“Now that I have found and put Jesus first in my life, the biggest thing I have noticed is the peace that I now have.”

Persisting in the peace of Christ

“I will forever be grateful for the City Rescue Mission in all that it has done for me,” Wayne shares. He graduated from his program

earlier this year and celebrated one year of being sober on September 1. Moving forward, Wayne plans “to keep Christ #1 in my

life. To be a fully functioning person in society. To restore my relationships with everyone to be better than they ever were before. To

live a life that is pleasing to God.”

“ I thank God because He is the one that put City Rescue Mission in my path on my way to walk with Him forever.”



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