Success begins with a meal

Without meeting the basic needs of our veterans—meals, shelter, showers—we simply would not be able to help them transition out of homelessness. “Our goal here is to end homelessness,” says Executive Chef Steve Joule, “and that all starts to me with having a full stomach.” Joule served in the army for 15 years and has now committed his energy and career to working in the Mission kitchen.

“Folks can get a great meal at least three times a day,” Joule explains. And with these meals in their stomachs, our veterans are able to focus their energy on working with their case managers to overcome issues and identify valuable resources. Gathering and processing paperwork for the Veterans Affairs can be a very cumbersome process and one that requires undivided attention.

At City Rescue Mission, we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that veterans receive the care they need and the honor they deserve. Eli Dixon, a retired Marine, recently partnered with Joule to coordinate an event that honored veterans by providing 600 meals to the mission. They’ve pledged to hold this event every year going forward.

Ultimately, we want to help homeless veterans become successful and active members of society—and the first step is a full stomach.

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