Monica’s Story

Six Months Sober, Thank God for City Rescue Mission

Monica is a first generation American. Growing up in the Heartland was anything but a wholesome experience. The home that should have provided peace and safety, was a house of horrors. Years of being taken advantage of gave way to 17+ years of heavy drug and alcohol abuse.

Eventually, Monica found herself living downtown near City Rescue. She was involved in bad relationships, doing incredible amounts of drugs & alcohol. All in an attempt to drown out the horrific realities of life. When Monica would visit CRM, Ms. Donna would show her love. Let her feel the love of Jesus. Unconditional. One day, Monica decided she needed to make a change so she enrolled in the Bridge to Life Program. She’s now 6 months sober as of Valentine’s Day. She loves to sketch and says that her art has gotten much better than it has ever been since she stopped using drugs and alcohol. Everyday, Monica is thankful to God for City Rescue Mission.

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