Cassandra’s Story

Because of Christ’s love, I can forgive my mother

Cassandra’s story is the stuff of bad Hollywood movies. Her story starts with abuse at a young age. These degrading, unloving messages begin to lay a foundation that will send Cassandra on a path of destruction. Ironically, she was raised in church. On Sunday’s, everything was perfect. Her family was the model family, but at home it was a different reality. No one dared speak about it otherwise the beatings would be so severe one would need to miss school long enough to let the bruises heal.

There was something far worse than the physical beatings. The emotional damage being done would stick with Cassandra for years and cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, severe drug addiction and the pain of losing her infant baby. After the loss of her daughter, Cassandra decided that there was no God. The next 11 years would be an all-out war against the God who loved her and against His people. She did everything she could to make life miserable for anyone that would try to witness to her, even trolling Facebook groups and posts. Cassandra was spiralling out of control. In those years, she had 4 more children. The pain of losing her first child was too great. She drowned out the pain with a meth pipe.

Change was on the way. Through the unwavering prayers of her big sister, Cassandra reconnected and restored her relationship with her sister. Through much prayer and a new commitment to serve the Lord, Cassandra made her way from Tennessee to City Rescue Mission. She states that, “Here in BTL I got in touch with my repressed anger with Ms. Christy, cried multiple times with Ms. Teresa, learned 7-Steps to Freedom with Ms. Danielle and most importantly found the love of Jesus with Ms. Carol. There is no love that can compare to the love of Christ.”

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