I’m finally back to who I want to be

Megan was a straight A student in high school. She excelled in honors classes, became a National Honor Society member, and even received letters from the president about her grades every year. But at the young age of 14, while her father was serving a prison sentence for murder, her mother left her and never returned. This is when Megan started to use drugs and go down the wrong path.

Facing opposition at every corner

From a very young age, Megan was forced to take control of her own future. At first, she was getting by just fine. She was doing well in school and working hard, despite the challenges she was facing at home. But by the time she was 14, her father was in prison on a murder conviction, and her mother had simply abandoned her. When she finally reached her breaking point, Megan fell into a devastating drug addiction.

“I was steady in my addiction, and I was in a relationship from the time I was 16 ‘til I came here,” she shares. Megan was 21 when she had her daughter, Faith. Three years later, both she and her then-boyfriend faced drug charges and went to jail. After a month, the judge agreed to release Megan to the Mission. Faith joined her there the next day.

A little help from the Mission

When she first got here, she was pretty shaken up. “I was so scared,” she shares. “You come here and you don’t know what to do. You don’t know where to sit, or who to talk to. It’s very overwhelming.” Once the initial shock wore off, Megan started to realize that the people at the Mission wanted to help her. “They’ve been there for me. Everything that I go through, my case manager knows and she feels it. She cares about us,” she says. “I feel like God led me to this place.”

“I’ve seen so many people’s lives and so many kids’ lives change because of this place.”

With the help of her case manager, Megan has been clean for an entire year. “When you’re addicted, everything’s foggy,” she says, “and now  I can think clearly, I can make decisions clearly. I’m confident. I’m back to exactly where I wanted to be.” And she has made some major changes to her attitude. “I don’t have that defiant side of me anymore,” she says. “I’m definitely more level-headed now.”

Hope for an education and a bright future

Moving forward, Megan has big plans. She completed two years of college before having her daughter. Now her case manager is helping her find options for finishing her degree in business management. “Since I’ve been here, I’ve been supervisor of several things,” she says. “I’ve gotten comfortable in a position of managing other people, and that has helped me tremendously.” Megan knows that she could not have reached the point she’s at today without the help of friends like you. She says, “There aren’t enough words to explain to them how much I appreciate everything that they’re making possible here.” You’ve truly given her a second chance at life—and that’s something she will never forget or take for granted.

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