Dan’s story

Experiencing the reality of God for the first time

Dan spent most of his childhood living with his father after his parents’ divorce. As a teenager, he and his dad clashed and a defiant Dan made some poor choices, including the decision to drop out of school. After his girlfriend got pregnant, he began smoking marijuana as a way to escape. But it only made things worse. He broke up with his girlfriend and moved away to live with his mother. A cycle had begun that continued into Dan’s adult life—a cycle of drug abuse and broken relationships that resulted in estrangement from his children.

Each time Dan moved, got a new job or began a relationship, he resolved to start over. But he says, “I still had my addiction to contend with because I didn’t have God in my life.” Dan met his current wife and they had a daughter together. When their financial situation became dire, Dan and his wife lost their home. “I was pretty much fed up with the way I was living, but I just didn’t know how to change it,” recalls Dan.  Dan’s love for his family drove him to look for food, shelter and solutions. That’s when God led him to City Rescue Mission.

Through the programs and the daily devotions, Dan experienced the reality of God for the first time—and everything changed. Since coming to the Mission, Dan can’t stop talking about the blessings that have come his way—from having $25,000 in debt miraculously forgiven to reconciled relationships with his sister, mother and a child from a previous relationship.

Dan and his wife Paula have both been helped through counseling and parenting classes. Their marriage is stronger than ever…and they have a baby boy on the way! Today, Dan is making plans to go to college and get his degree in business administration. He’s committed to his new life, his new perspective and to the family God has blessed him with.

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