Breaking the cycle

A recovering body, a recovering soul

Charlie had it all. Wife, kids, family, job and God–and he valued them all in that order. But when his first wife left, he let pride get in the way of his relationship with his children. Shortly after losing his family, he lost his job and began cursing God for all that he was going through. He started having legal issues that got him into a cycle of going in and out of jail. “Sitting in jail for the umpteenth time, I felt despair for the first time,” Charlie shares. “I committed myself to change and asked God to help me.”

This commitment brought Charlie to City Rescue Mission. “I needed a faith-based recovery program,” says Charlie, “not for the drugs, but for the emptiness in my soul.” The Bridge to Life program addressed this issue head on, as it surrounded Charlie with people who sought to nourish him both spiritually and physically. During his time in this program, Charlie found acceptance and learned to give all authority over to God.

He graduated from the program and is now working at City Rescue Mission. “I am blessed to work at CRM and have an impact on those who are hurting and seeking just as I once was,” says Charlie. “Now, I put the kingdom of God first, seeking His will for my life.”

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