An eye-opening experience as CRM’s summer intern

Last summer, Lizzy participated in the summer internship program at City Rescue Mission. She was beginning her senior year of college and wanted to gain real-life experience in her field of interest. “I have worked with CRM in the past, but never really understood what a wonderful position they hold within OKC’s community,” Lizzy shares. “I had an amazing experience as an intern this past summer. I will never forget the relationships, experiences and stories that I gained from it.”

Through this internship, Lizzy was exposed to the realities of homelessness, and she gained a new understanding of how important it is to show love to everybody. “I noticed a huge difference in who I am as an individual,” she explains, “and also how I now view homelessness within our city due to my experience this summer.”

If you are interested in learning more about internship opportunities at City Rescue Mission, please contact Treina Castleberry at or (405) 232-2709, ext. 110.

Our hearts and prayers truly go out to all that have suffered the tragedy in Paris. This time in our history is filled with change, fear and uncertainty. It’s amazing to me to see the entire world rise in concern over such a tragic happening. When other humans face such pain and suffering, there’s something in our human spirit that causes us to join in their loss. The outpouring of support and prayers from all over theworld truly encourages me in our human instinct.

I’m so appreciative of all the partners here at City Rescue Mission that continually realize that when other humans face challenges beyond their comprehension, that together we can pull through it and see brighter days. We have seen significant support when tragedy strikes our community. This is a time that we, as a community, can stand with those in other parts of the world and support and pray.


Leadership is a complicated process of working with other capable, intelligent individuals and groups to motivate them to accomplish a predetermined objective.  There are many factors involved in getting the support of those that, in a perfect world, are to follow you.

One of the most important qualities of a leader is “Integrity”. Where integrity exists, trust is present. Without trust there is very little bond that holds the team together. Leaders must understand that just being in charge means nothing in today’s work force. Being able to trust the leader is the difference between success and failure of the objective.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. A leader with no one following is a disaster waiting to happen.


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