One size doesn’t fit all


Easter has come and gone, and once again your faithful compassion has made an impact. Upon hearing the message of Christ’s resurrection, many of our clients accepted His Gospel and made new commitments to follow Him. As they continue to ask questions and renew their minds, they are learning what Paul means when he says “to live a life worthy of the calling you have received” (Ephesians 4:1).

Here at City Rescue Mission, we believe that when our eyes are on Him and our bodies are lined up with His instructions, we will have a new life here and in eternity. We recognize that holistic transformation is that of the spirit, soul and body. And with that in mind, we work with each client to determine and address their unique needs in each of these three areas.

In this issue of The Mission, we share stories of clients like Sheri, who overcame the cycle of generational drug use with the support of the Lord and her children. Others, like Steve, have worked through some of life’s greatest obstacles and are now giving back to CRM by volunteering. I hope that you are inspired by their stories of strength and transformation.

Ultimately, God uses every part of our journey to shape and mold us into what we need to be to fulfill His plans and purpose for our lives. Thank you for believing in each person who walks through our doors and for trusting that the God who created them will offer them new life.

May God bless you for caring,

Tom Jones
President and CEO

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