Programs and Services Guide

The following is a list of regularly occurring situations that our clients find themselves in:


I am the pastor of a church in town. We are trying to help a 35 year old woman who has been living out of her car to find shelter. Do you have any openings for a woman?  

Yes, if she has never been here before she can come at any time and get checked into the women’s single center.


I was wondering if you all do tours of your facilities?

Yes. Monday through Friday 8am-5pm Contact Shellie Holt at 405-232-2709 ext.160


I am trying to get help transitioning back into a functional lifestyle. I am a former addict, but now have been clean for almost 2 months . I need help getting a GED so I can further my education or find a job of some sort to get back on my feet, but have no help until I can afford a place. I am going between family members for now but am running out of options. I am a burden that they cannot support while I piece my life together. Please, is there any way that I can get help without having to enter your bridge to life program? I am clean and can pass a drug screening.  

Under the circumstances, you have the perfect opportunity to join our Education Employment program. You can stay here while finding a job and we will help you get in classes to get your GED completed.


I recently lost my job and I’m behind on my rent. I’m about $1200 behind, but my landlord is a good man and he said if I gave him $500 today he would be okay with it. I really wouldn’t be worried about it but I have animals and they’re the only family and friends that I have and I can’t be on the streets with them. So if you can help me I would be greatly appreciative to you and your organization.

Call: Community Resource Directory at 211


My family is looking for a volunteer opportunity on Christmas Day this year. Does your organization provide lunch on Christmas and if so, may we sign up this soon to help?

Please contact Kristen Hopkins at 405-232-2709 ext. 203


I am homeless with 2 children and have nowhere to go.

City Rescue Mission serves moms with children in our family center. If you have never been here before you can check in and join our 10-12 month recovery program.


I am about to be homeless. I have exhausted my entire savings and plan on selling everything I own. I have job prospects and interviews that look very promising. I know I will get a job. Surviving until my first paycheck is the problem. I am healthy and able to contribute. I just need a little time to get back on my feet.

You are eligible to stay at CRM and join our employment program.


At the Rent a Center shopping center this month I was out taking care of our monthly bills, but I was held at gunpoint in the middle of the parking lot and robbed of my disability check which was over $600. I was referred to you for assistance with the hardship. I have been able to come up with $300 of my rent but the immediate assistance. I only bring home $905 a month for Social Security disability. If you provide any rental assistance with this matter that would be greatly appreciated.

Call: Community Resource Directory at 211


I have recently become homeless. Back in May I had a mental break and became suicidal. I went to a local hospital and came back home and just about a month ago went back to work. My husband was supposed to be taking care of things but turns out he wasn’t and we got kicked out on a Sunday. Now through the grace of God people we know have put us up in a motel. I knew the money was going to run out so I called all the resources we have around my area. Of course, because I work nights no one could help us. I even called churches. Nothing. I feel like there is nothing left. Is there anything you can do or anywhere we can go that would actually help us?

You can come to CRM and stay until you get back on your feet. We have several programs to offer and after an assessment of your needs you will be able to choose what program would fit you and your husband the best. We have a men’s center & a women’s center therefore we do not have accommodations for husbands and wives to stay together but we can help you both to reunite in housing after you are able to.


How are my legal issues dealt with if I am in your care?  

If you do not have legal counsel your case manager will set you up an appointment with Trinity Legal to assess what your needs will be for legal issues. If you already have legal counsel then you will just need to communicate with your case manager what assistance you might need to meet whatever is required of you by the legal system.


Homeless in need of shelter just submitting this form so y’all know I will be coming in to your office.

We look forward to helping you with food, shelter and clothing.


I’m needing help with a warm, safe place to stay while i look for work. Do you have services that would help me find work? I was told that CRM is one of the best shelters in the country.

We have an employment program and your case manager will help you through the process of attaining employment during your stay at CRM.


I am writing in regards to my mom who lives nearby. She has no job or income. I am currently helping support her on top of my own bills. I do not live with her and she has no family or friends. With the economy going south I won’t be able to support her and myself. My question is what services do you offer for people in critical need? Any help is appreciated.

We have emergency shelter, food and clothing available to anyone in need. In addition, we have several programs that may help your mom if she chooses to come stay and get help she will meet with a case manager to find the perfect fit for her.


I took in my sister who is unable to work due to an injury. She can’t move her head or shoulders. She has a case worker and has seen a doctor. she is scheduled for an MRI soon. I really need your help with housing for her. I’ve been in a relationship for 22 years and have 3 children still living at home. My husband has given my sister 2 weeks to get out. I don’t want her hurt more than she is. Can you please find her a place to live where she will be safe and away from people. I’m afraid in her condition she could be hurt easily. Please help me. You’re my only hope.

Call: Community Resource Directory at 211


I need some help with some bills. I recently got laid off a job just working temporary jobs right now.

Unfortunately CRM does not have the resources to help with individuals bills.


I am staying with a friend. I could use some groceries to help get me through. What do I need to bring to receive assistance?

Valid Identification with your current address. If you do not have a valid ID with a current address then bring a current utility bill with your name and correct address on it also.


I am very interested in enrolling in the Bridges to Life Program! I am on the verge of losing my parental rights to my 4 children,was just released from jail after being there for a month because I was arrested for possession of Cds times 2 and Possession of Paraphernalia and am out on bond until my court date adjourns. My Judge suggested that I get help learning and obtaining other positive life skills to obtain employment, housing and help getting my children back with me and to be a positive and productive member in society. While building a foundation for my family and myself and moving forward with our lives sober,working,furthering our educations so that we might pay it forward the help,love,guidance and step in the right direction given to us if you allow myself and children to be a part of your positive successful program!

We have space for moms and children in our family center. It sounds like you are ready for a change in your life and it can start here with our Recovery program. All you have to do is come to 800 West California Ave. OKC, Ok 73106 and get checked in today.


My husband lost his job and I do not have any income. urgently, I need winter clothes for 3-year-old girl.

We only have clothing available for our Clients that reside here.


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