Changing the question, moving forward with God


I’ve noticed that many homeless people are asking the same question: Where is God? They feel completely abandoned by Him and confused by the thought that He might have “a hope and a future” for them (Jeremiah 29:11). This is the struggle faced by many of our homeless veterans at the Mission. They have sacrificed so much for the good of others, and yet they find themselves with nothing.

So when they come to us angry and confused, we remind them that as long as they have breath in their lungs, there’s hope. When they start understanding that they wouldn’t even be alive today if God had abandoned them, the question shifts from “Where were you God?” to “Where are you and where are you leading me?”

Here at City Rescue Mission, we truly recognize the value of our veterans. Through case management, we’ve seen thousands rise up and move forward by learning how to cope with their challenges and ask for help when they need it. We try to pair our veterans with case managers who are former military to deepen that sense of understanding. A lot of them just need somebody to walk alongside them in the process of receiving their benefits.

We are thankful for the courage and selflessness of our nation’s veterans. With your help, they are able to access the resources they need to find the support that they need and deserve.

May God bless you for caring,

Tom Jones
President and CEO

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